In the agribusiness world…

We optimize and boost financial resources and business strategies

The challenge to finance investments and buy / sell companies depending on commodities and financial cycles











What we do?

Within corporates, we raise funds through debt instruments or equity/subordinated debt.


  • Debt, we optimize sources and financing costs through new debt strategies, including raising debt in the banking market, capital markets or private placements markets, including debt funds. We also advise on refinancing or debt restructuring.

  • Equity/Subordinated Debt, we define the optimal capital structure depending on the company’s profile and financing needs while we bring strategic or financing partners through the different options from M&A.


Within financial markets, we advise banks, debt funds, private equity funds, institutional investors or familiy offices looking for opportunities in the region.  


Business Plans: We do market analysis and recommendations for business plans and new commercial strategies.


Following the dynamics and new challenges in agribusiness, we provide a global vision under a local criteria depending on the status of each country, the local market, the company, their shareholders and the management.


We combine experience in both global and local leading banks in agribusiness. But more importantly, we come from the sector and speak its language.



We developed a sound network at all levels of the agribusiness value chain and global, regional and local financial markets which provide us with an unique market intelligence.

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